National Parks Maintenance Backlog Reaches $11.9 billion

Seneca Falls, NY – The National Park Service (NPS) this week released its Fiscal Year 2015 deferred maintenance statistics for national parks. The $11.9 billion nationwide total was up from the $11.49 billion reported at the end of FY2014. Women’s Rights National Historical Park has $1.4 million in deferred maintenance – part of the $11.9 billion deferred maintenance backlog across the National Park System. Read More

One Hundred Years Ago Today, February 3, 1916

One Hundred Years Ago Today, February 3, 1916 Harriot Goes to Kansas One hundred years ago today Long Island resident Harriot Stanton Blatch was tired of waiting for New York to give women the vote, and so announced she was buying another residence in Kansas. Kansas law stated that if a woman owned property in the State for six months she could then vote there. Harriot (daughter of Elizabeth Cady Stanton) reasoned that if she could vote in federal elections in Kansas she could influence legislators to vote for the 19th Amendment, thus enfranchising all women throughout the nation. It does seem sad that women had to resort to such wily solutions, but their perseverance paid off in the long run. Read More

The Underground Railroad in the Seneca Falls and Waterloo Area

Seneca Falls, NY- Seneca Museum of Waterways and Industry and Women’s Rights National Historical Park are partnering to bring Walter Gable, Seneca County Historian, to Seneca Falls to present his program titled, The Underground Railroad in the Seneca Falls-Waterloo Area. The presentation will be held on Saturday, February 13, 2016, at 1:00 pm in Women’s Rights National Historical Park’s Guntzel Theater. Read More

National Youth Film Competition Called The America I Am

In celebration of the National Park Service Centennial, the Statue of Liberty NM has partnered with Tribeca Film Institute to launch a national youth film competition called The America I Am. It's a call for youth across the country to submit short films exploring their personal connection to the American Experience. Read More

A Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Celebration Seneca Falls, NY

A Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Celebration Seneca Falls, NY- Kids of all ages, come to Women's Rights National Historical Park on Saturday, January 16th, to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday! Read More

Margaret Fuller Marker Panned for Fishkill Landing

Read more at New York History Blog/

Who are the big Ontario County winners in state
funding for Finger Lakes region?

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Raising Awareness

The Friends of Women’s Rights National Historical Park, Inc., is a not-for-profit organization that supports the mission of the Park to promote awareness of the 1848 Women’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls and its significance. 

Our Mission is to inspire individuals to support this Park, the birthplace of Women’s Rights in America.

Our Vision is to insure, in perpetuity, the preservation of the Park for the inspiration and full achievement of equality for all.

To achieve this end, the national Friends organization raises funds for Park initiatives, including the preservation of Park historical sites and educational programs.


Be a Friend

To be a “Friend” is to be an advocate of this important historical landmark and all it holds for the future.

We welcome your support through a financial contribution and your participation in the many events associated with the Women’s rights National Historical Park.  Please feel free to contact us with your comments and questions.

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